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Special Events


Hurricane Cleaning Kits

Sunday, Sept 24 exhibited a flurry of activity in Hale Hall, when about 30 people stayed after church to assemble UMCOR cleaning kits! The buckets were donated by Home Depot, items were given by Church people, and monetary donations were a great addition.   Collected items from the past 2 Sundays were grouped on tables.    Participants picked up a bucket filling them down the line.   Many hands made light work which left room for plenty of fun and fellowship.  The instructions were specific because the UMCOR workers at the disaster sites have learned what the people need most.

UMCOR Kits are sent either to one of the two main warehouses in Louisiana and Utah or one of the regional UMC warehouses,  Kits are made up before disasters strike so that when one does, they are available for immediate shipment.  After three major hurricanes hit the US and its territories in about one month, the kit inventories are way down and need replenishing.  AND we are doing our part to do that.  We will have 20 buckets ready to be picked up on the conference truck by October 8!
Thanks to Benny Verano & family, Tracy Zapata and Betsy Borruso for spearheading this Service project!