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We are United Methodists and believe in God’s grace, that faith without works is dead, and that it is important to balance inward spirituality with external action in the world.

What We Believe

As a Christian congregation, we believe in the triune God — Creator, Redeemer (through Jesus), and Sustainer (through the Holy Spirit).  We also observe the Sacraments of Holy Communion and children’s Baptism.  As United Methodists, we honor the basic principles of Christian faith that the founder of the Methodist Movement, John Wesley emphasized: 1) the primary principle of God’s Grace, which is prevenient, saving, and sanctifying; 2) the need to express our Christian faith by our good works, stressing acts of mercy; 3) striving to be made perfect in love, with the help of the Holy Spirit; 4) and the use of Scripture, Tradition, Experience, and Reason (the “Wesley Quadrilateral”) to guide our decisions.  Wesley encouraged Methodists to, “Do good. Do no harm. And stay in love with God.”  This is what we strive to do.

Our Structure

1st UMC, San Leandro is a congregation of the global United Methodist Church.   We are one of the over 370 local churches in the California-Nevada Annual Conference , under the leadership of Bishop Minerva Carcaño .  1st UMC, San Leandro is one of the eight churches in the Rainbow Circuit of the new Bay District of the Annual Conference. The other congregations in the Rainbow Circuit are Laurel UMC (Oakland), Fale Maama UMC (Oakland), Elmhurst UMC (Oakland), Formosan UMC (San Leandro), Castro Valley UMC, 1st UMC – Hayward, and South Hayward UMC.

Groups within the Church

United Methodist Women is a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.


We are a congregation that values and encourages good music in our Worship experiences; and we are rebuilding our Children and Youth Ministries, now that children and youth are once again a part of our congregation